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11 October 2014

TeamJon Crowd Funding Campaign
Nears $2,000 Milestone

Hello Everyone,

I want to share the great news of several extraordinarily generous gifts to the TeamJon campaign.

Our most recent donation is a $500 gift from an anonymous donor, whose generosity is more greatly appreciated than we can express!

We also recently received a $250 donation from our dear friend, Linda Landin. Linda has been a good friend for a number of years. She is also a very experienced Real Estate Broker in the Seattle area. Linda has offered to donate a portion of her commissions from any clients that TeamJon supporters refer to her. So, if you happen to need the services of an excellent RE Broker, or know someone who does, we couldn't recommend a nicer person and more experienced Broker! (Just be sure to mention that you were referred by TeamJon...)

To contact Linda, please visit her website at:

In truth, even without Linda's generous offer, I would be VERY happy to recommend Linda's Real Estate services. She is one of the kindest and most generous people I've ever met. For a number of years, Linda has volunteered with a local dog rescue, Ginger's Pet Rescue. Working with this organization that specializes in small "Death Row" dogs, Linda has provided a loving foster home for dozens of great little doggies while they're waiting for good adoption homes. To find out more about this great organization, visit their website at:

I would like to again thank both of these donors as well all of our other generous donors who have given such an incredible boost to our fundraising effort. With these gifts, the campaign to assist Jon is approaching the $2,000 milestone! We still have a long way to go to help Jon meet his many medical and daily needs, but we are off to a great start!

Help Share Jon's Story & Build the TeamJon Community

As important as the contributions, is the ability to share Jon's story and build his community of supporters. Please help us by sharing this good news with your community of contacts. If you are on Facebook, please encourage your friends and followers to visit and "Like" the TeamJon Facebook page at:

Also, please help us spread the word about Jon's crowd funding campaign by re-sending this email to your family and friends and inviting them to visit the TeamJon GoFundMe page at:

On behalf of Jon and myself, thanks to everyone for your love, encouragement and support.



I'm continuing to work on the long awaited TeamJon website. Stay tuned for the launch announcement when the site is made active. Please be sure to visit, explore and share the site when it becomes available.

Finally ...

I want to wish a very happy anniversary to my honey bunny, Jon. It seems like only 6 months ago when we "jumped the broom", and yet it's already our 3rd anniversary. Wait, it was only six months ago?! Well, I don't care if the state did backdate our marriage to the original date of our Domestic Partnership, it's been the most wonderful trip! I love you!

About TeamJon

The purpose of the TeamJon campaign is to promote awareness, build a community of support & raise needed financial help for Jon Howe, a disabled graduate student diagnosed with ALS, & other serious medical conditions. Because of his conditions, Jon has numerous medical and other special needs. Jon is currently on a medical leave from his graduate program. As a result, he has lost his educational stipend and other benefits. This represented most of his income. Please help share Jon's story and donate if possible.

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